What is GATE
Doolen GATE is a self-contained middle school program offering creative and student-centered project based learning. 
GATE Staff Directory
Ms. Christa McConaughy
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6th Grade
Language Arts & Social Studies

Ms. Suzanne Freund
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Mrs. Marisa Kleiman
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Mr. Mitchell Shacter
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7th & 8th Grade
Language Arts & Site GATE Coordinator

Ms. Carmen Coulter
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Mr. Chris Holiman
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Mr. Ivan Yocum
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Social Studies
Mr. Asa Sherry
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Announcements and Reminders
Fundraising Events
Tax Credit Donation
Click on the title above for more information on how to make a tax credit donation through TUSD to the GATE 8 End-of-Year field trip. This can be a payment for current 8th grade students for their end-of-year trip or from families and friends of Doolen GATE who wish to help make the end-of-year trip possible for our 8th graders. We thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please Contact Ms. Coulter by email.

Donation to Booster Club
Click on the title above to review the letter and donation form for businesses and individuals who wish to make a donation to our Booster Club, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please Contact the Booster Club by email or Contact Ms. Coulter by email with any questions you may have.
Events for Elementary GATE Students
Doolen Info and Q&A Parent Sessions
We do not have any info sessions planned at this time.    
If you would like information on the Doolen GATE program, please Contact Ms. Coulter by email or Contact Ms. McConaughy by email for more information. 
Important Documents
2020-2021 Field Trips
We will upload information for field trips for the 2020-2021 school year as soon as we have more information. This information will be uploaded as individual documents per grade level.
GATE Activities
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