Faculty and Staff

Ms. Nathaly Santin
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Ms. Michelle Gower
Assistant Principal
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Mr. Red Morrow
Dean of Students
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Office Staff
Mrs. Juanita Felix
Office Manager
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Ms. Veronica Moreno
Registration and Attendance
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Ms. Patty McCracken
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Ms. Ana Reyna

Health Assistant
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Ms. Rosalind Williams

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Support Team
Ismeralda Alvarez
Theresia Babcock
Ruby Hosseinmardi
Keri Brown

Campus Monitors
Francisco Harris
Dallas Liston
Sandra Ruiz

Jane Barnes
Raymond Parker
Maria Ramirez
Dora Villalobos
ELD team
Mr. Mario Maza
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Ms. Theresa Rodriguez

ELD 3 and ELD 4
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Ms. Cecilia Siruno
 ELD 2 Language Arts
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Mrs. Alma Valdez-Pena

Language Arts
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6th Grade Team
Ms. Milo Ahouse
Language Arts
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Ms. Sydnie Bonin
Social Studies
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Mr. Nic Costa

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Mrs. Marisa Kleiman

Science - Honors
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Mr. Joshua Makarewicz

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Ms. Sangeeta Panwar
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Mr. Mitch Shacter
Math - Honors
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7th Grade Team
Mr. Leandro Escuro
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Ms. Amy Garcia
Language Arts
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Mrs. Jennifer Mapa
Social Studies
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Ms. Rizza Sible

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8th Grade Team
Ms. Katey Clark
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Ms. Kathy Teel
Language Arts
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Mr. Harvey Unayan
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Mr. Hubert Wojnar
Social Studies
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Ms. Suzanne Freund
6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
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Mrs. Marisa Kleiman

6th Grade Science
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Mr. Mitch Shacter

6th Grade Math
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Ms. Carmen Coulter

7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
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Mr. Chris Holiman

7th and 8th Grade Math
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Mr. Asa Sherry

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
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Mr. Ivan Yocum

7th and 8th Grade Science
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Special Education Team
Ms. Cari Colvin
Ex. Ed. Teacher
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Mrs. Sarah Dluzak

Ex. Ed. Teacher
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Ms. Janet Loerzel

Ex. Ed. Teacher
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Ms. Chelsea Somers
Language Arts
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Mr. Scott Weger

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Electives Team
Ms. Karina Callejas
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Ms. Carmen Coulter

Intro to Theatre, Student Council
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Ms. Elena Dalton

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Mr. Ricardo Dorame

Physical Education
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Ms. Hillary Engel
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Mr. Paul Ensey
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Mrs. Michele Erickson

Physical Education
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Ms. Amy Garcia

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Mr. Armando Martinez
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Mr. Steven Motush
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Mr. Neal Romberg

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Mr. Asa Sherry
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Counseling and Student Services
Ms. Christa McConaughy
6th Grade and GATE Counselor
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Ms. Noriko Barnabe

7th and 8th Grade Counselor
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Ms. Harley Brenton

Restorative Practices
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Community Liaison

Ms. Teresia Albritton
MTSS Facilitator
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Mr. Diego Mendoza

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Mrs. Andra Karnofsky
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Ms. Dana Karibian

Speech Clinician
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Ms. Sharon Williams

Student Success Coach
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Ms. Melissa Wilson
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Mr. Julian Gomez

Behavior Specialist
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Ms. Sarah D'Amico
Social Worker
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Ms. Cindy Garcia
ExEd Social Worker
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