2020-2021 Family Engagement Team Members
Facilitator:                     Jaclyn Roman
Principal:                       Judi Dauman
Asst. Principal:              William Fosmire
Dean of Students:          Red Morrow
Teacher:                         Lisa Bennington-Skay
Teacher:                         Sydnie Bonin
Teacher:                         Carmen Coulter
Teacher:                         Sarah Dluzak
Teacher:                         Holly Tatro
Teacher:                         Kathy Teel
Classified:                      Angela Badilla
Classified:                     Shelly Vick
Counselor:                    Christa McConaughy
Student:                        Student #1
Student:                        Student #2
Parent:                          Julie Duncan
Parent:                          Liam Maddock
Parent:                          Kara and Rudy Manuel
Community Member:    David Templin
Membership Application
Jaclyn D. Roman
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PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization
Our goals are to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers,
staff, and the community at large to improve our children's educational experience.
The PTO works closely with the school administration to meet this goal.

First Steps in helping Doolen Middle School establish a general education PTO for our students and school community.
·         Gather a small group of like-minded parents. ...
·         Develop a purpose or mission statement for your PTO. ...
·         Brainstorm a list of benefits and a preliminary list of activities. ...
·         Brainstorm fundraising ideas. ...
·         Adopt a fundraising policy. ...
·         Write it all down. ...
·         Meet with the principal. ...
·         Draft a set of basic bylaws. site council/Parent meeting.
2020-21 School Site Council Members
This Year's Members Are:
Facilitator:                       Lisa Bennington-Skay
Principal:                        Judith Dauman
Asst. Principal:               William Fosmire
Dean of Students:           Red Morrow
Teacher:                           Mario Maza
Teacher:                           Alma Valdez-Pena
Teacher:                           Sydnie Bonin
Teacher:                           Carmen Coulter
Teacher:                           Cari Colvin
Teacher:                           Sarah Dluzak
Teacher:                           Holly Tatro
Classified:                       Jaclyn Roman
Classified:                       Shelley Vick
Classified:                       Angela Badilla
Counselor:                      Christa McConaughy
Parent:                             Julie Duncan
Parent:                             Liam Maddock
Parent:                             Kara and Rudy Manuel
Parent:                             Chris Macholtz
Community Member:      David Templin
Community Member:      Daniel Miranda